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Amigo portable video magnifier

$1695 plus $25 shipping

  • 6.5" wide screen LCD
  • 5 magnification levels
  • 3.5x - 14x magnification
  • Tilt-angle screen
  • Rechargeable swappable batteries
  • Slim (2" thin) and light  (22-ounces)
  • Connects to TV

The Amigo, your Desktop Magnifier on the Go is simple to use-just place it directly on the material and adjust the magnification by a turn of the dial. This innovative product allows you to adjust the magnification without moving the Amigo away from the reading material. Read prices tags, restaurant menus, ingredients and directions no matter where you are with this new high powered video magnifier.
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  • Portable
  • Slim (less than 2")
  • 3.5 to 14x Adjustable Digital Magnification
  • Light (Approximately 1 lb)
  • Tilts for Optimal Viewing Angle
  • Large Viewing Screen (6.5 inches)
  • Freeze Frame takes a temporary picture
  • Six (6) viewing modes (including 2 Color Select options)
  • Removable standard battery with internal charger (spare battery included)
  • Connects to TV for increased magnification
  • Separate External Charger Included
  • Writing Stand
  • Carrying Case
  • Two (2) year warranty
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