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Ash Technology
Andromeda CCTV with girl
Andromeda Video Magnifier

Andromeda’s stylish single-unit design is compact, collapsible, and transportable (optional carrying case available).  Its high-tech look and features allow low vision users to blend into any office or school setting with pride.

Andromeda features PC-compatibility to share its 15” color LCD screen as either the PC display or the print magnified display.  Just cable your PC’s SVGA or XGA  15-pin video directly into Andromeda’s VGA15-pin port.  So, share one monitor for both your print magnification and PC displays   Note: Computer magnification software is required to enlarge your PC’s image.

Andromeda’s auto focus camera provides electronic zoom magnification from 3x - 50x in full color, B/W, white-on-black, or as election of foreground/background color displays. Tactile touch button controls are all conveniently located on the front panel.  Advanced features like horizontal Line Markers, horizontal Windowing, and a Target Overview mode, and Freeze Frame image are included.  

Eclipse 3 imagesSpecifications

   3x - 50x electronic zoom magnification  
   Auto Focus digital camera
   Tactile touch buttons located on front panel
   Brightness adjustment
   Line marker isolation and Windowing
    Selectable Text/Background semi-colors
    Zoom-Out Target Overview mode
PC-compatibility15-pin SVGA connection
    15” Color TFT Active Matrix flat screen monitor
   Color, B/W, and Reverse displays
    4foreground/background color selections
    VGA computer input for PC display (select full screen
    PC image or Andromeda image
    Collapses to a compact size (17.7”w x 16.1”dx 7.4”h)
    Transportable weight:  20 pounds
    Optional hardsided roller-wheel case available
X/Y Moveable Table (16”x12” slide)
Universal 110V-240V power supply
One-year limited parts and labor warranty  
 Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice  

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