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Eye-Pal SOLO

Eye-Pal SOLO
Eye-Pal Solo

Eye-Pal SOLO
$1,995 plus $35 shipping


$2,595 plus $40 shipping
(monitor not included)

  • Digital camera Snapshot converts text-to-speech
  • Simple to use ...Plug, power, place, and listen
  • Fast and accurate
  • Set a comfortable reading speed
  • Change the speech volume
  • Listen by word, sentence, or continuous
  • Play, Resume, and Back Sentence by enabling or disabling button control or hand motion control


  • All the features of Eye-Pal Solo, plus...
  • Reads and Magnifies simultaneously
  • Wired custom keypad navigator
  • Displays on a VGA monitor
  • Change font size
  • Change text/background image colors
  • Switch to "Live Camera Mode" and magnify up to 12x

Eye Pal SOLO will virtually read to you on its own .... no buttons to press, no menus to set up, no prior instructions to read, no training required, and no PC connection required.  Eye-Pal SOLO is easy to use out of the box.  Set up takes just a few minutes. Just insert the camera stand, connect to the camera's USB port, insert the power cord into a wall outlet, press the Power button to power On, place the page of a magazine, newspaper, book, or a piece of mail under the camera, then within seconds Eye-Pal SOLO will begin reading aloud.

Hand motion can pause, resume, or go back to the previous sentence.  A wave of the hand from left to right under the camera will pause the reading, then with another wave of the hand the Eye-Pal SOLO will resume reading the text where it had stopped.  A hand wave from right to left under the camera will begin reading from the previous sentence.  Just wave again and again to go back one sentence at a time until you return to the desired sentence. 

Or, buttons located on the front of the base (5 buttons and one dial) control the same functions as the hand wave motions, plus, press the Speed button to increase or decrease the reading speed, turn the Volume dial to increase or decrease the voice level, enable or disable the hand wave motions, Reset, and Power On/Off. Eye-Pal SOLO provides a unique solution for professionals, students and personal users looking for an easy to use device to access print.Eye-Pal SOLO control panel Eye-Pal SOLO keypad

Want to read text on a monitor along with the Eye-Pal SOLO? Simply connect the LV customer keypad and a VGA monitor, then reading image will also be displayed in magnified text, as the spoken words are highlighted.  Plus, the custom keypad allows magnification settings, display text/background color choices, saving and restoring pages, reading by word or by sentence, changing voices, and more features.

Eye-Pal SOLO can read printed text aloud (speech mode).  Or, with the LV Option, magnify text on an LCD monitor (magnification mode), or provide both speech and magnification simultaneously (while spoken words are magnified and highlighted).  Alternatively, Live Video Mode allows the user to magnify a reading document up to 12x, view a medicine bottle, or write a check.  with the lines wrapped and do not run off the screen.

Eye-Pal SOLO and Eye-Pal SOLO LV is sold separately.  Order the model that best meets your visual and tasks needs.

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