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Ash Technology
Presto video magnifier
 15" LCD auto focus, integrated desktop video magnifier

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  • Simple 4 button front control panel
  • 2.5x to 40x magnification
    Eye level low profile display
  • Non-glare LED lights
  • No assembly required
  • Ideal for the at home user

Live independently, be confident, and maintain your lifestyle with Presto

Presto features a stylish, single, integrated 15" color LCD flat-panel design. The auto focus zoom magnification ideally accommodates the visual needs of most people with age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, RP, or other low vision conditions. Its low profile display provides comfortable eye level viewing. The extended travel x/y moveable table (16" x 12" travel) allows independent vertical and horizontal sliding.

      - Read your own main
      - View family photographs
      - Browse your favorite magazines
      - Read recipes in the kitchen
      - Read cooking instructions on microwave meals
      - Read ingredients on grocery items
      - Sign greeting cards and address the envelope

Presto offers simplicity. Just press a button to increase or decrease magnification, change the enhancement level, or select Color, B/W or Reverse image. Presto is designed with style. Its low profile, compact look, and small footprint is ideal in any home. And, Presto represents value, as one of the most affordable models available. Read your daily mail, browse magazine articles, read prescription bottles, view family photographs, sign your own checks and greeting cards, and address envelopes.

Presto buttons

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