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QuickLook image
  • 4" Color LCD flat screen
  • Depth of Focus - Lift to focus as small as 2x
  • Fixed 6x magnification
  • Full color image or enhanced B/W and Reverse displays
  • 6 contrast levels to enhance image
  • Write by tilting the camera head
  • Weighs only 8.8 ounces
  • Grip and hold in your hand in any position
  • 1 - 1/2 hour integrated rechargeable battery

QuickLook can help, if regular print is too small or the contrast is too light to read easily. QuickLook is a handheld, full color, electronic print magnifier with a built-in 4” LCD display. View photographs magnified, enlarge the print on prescription bottles, or “spot read” anything … anywhere … anytime with QuickLook.
Read Anywhere, Anytime ...            Price tags in stores Menu in your favorite restaurant Ingredients on can  or box groceries Browse recipes in the kitchen Labels on prescription bottles Shop in catalogs TV Guide programs Titles on tapes or CDs Bus or train schedules Handouts in  a class or meeting

Write Anywhere, Anytime ...
Sign a check or credit card slip
Fill in greeting cards and address envelopes
Write up a shopping list

Unit includes: Plug-in AC adapter to conserve battery
Neck strap
Carry case with belt loop and shoulder strap


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