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Student Addition
Student Addition laptop compatible combined reading and distance camera

$3,195 plus $35 shipping

  • Laptop and PC Compatible
  • Combined reading and distance camera
  • Automatically stored user preferences
  • Picture-in-Picture split screen window
  • Only one USB 2.0 port required
  • Also connect to TV or VGA monitor
  • Windows XP and Vista compatible
  • Compatible with ZoomText

More students and professionals with low vision are "on the go" and want to take their computer and magnification with them.  The Student Addition is a laptop-compatible combined reading and distance camera solution.  The camera is easily mounted onto a pedestal base in seconds, there's only one connection to the computer, then launch the navigation program, and you're ready to begin reading and distance viewing.  Student Addition is easily transported, weighing less than 3 pounds and quickly packing into its custom carry case. 

Student Addition requires only one USB 2.0 port for connection to a laptop computer.  Install the custom navigation settings software, and you're ready to begin.  Or, in the office or at home, Student Addition can be connected to a desktop PC as well.  For use as a dedicated desktop video magnifier, Student Addition includes both a TV-output and VGA-output, so it can be easily connected to either a TV monitor or PC monitor, then the magnification and display settings are operated from a handheld controller.  So, whether you need laptop or PC compatibility, or TV or VGA monitor compatibility, Student Addition is your multi-compatible choice. 

Magnify from 1.5x - 55x on a 15" monitor, and even more magnification on a larger screen.  Always get a sharp, flicker-free image since the quality camera is set for a refresh rate at 60 frames per second.  Student Addition is Windows XP and Vista compatible, and also compatible with ZoomText, Lunar, and Supernova screen magnification software.  All screen navigation functions are operated by hot keys directly from the computer keyboard.  Select your comfortable magnification size, set your preferred image mode and brightness/contrast level, and begin reading.  It's also possible to write desktop-style under the camera.  Easily change from reading to distance viewing by lifting and positioning the camera head to view a white board, pictures on the wall, an overhead projector screen, or people or objects in the room.  The intelligent camera automatically recalls user preferences, like the magnification and image mode settings, whether it is positioned in reading or distance viewing.  Student Addition can capture images, or even record a short video for later playback.
Free online software upgrade within version.

Note:  Student Addition has been tested compatibly with several computer brands and models.  However, since laptops and PCs change specifications frequently, we cannot guarantee compatibility.  Your distributor may have laptop or PC compatibility suggestions.

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