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 SmartView Synergy 
SmartView Synergy
  • 19" and 22" models available
  • 19" - 2.6x to 57x magnification
  • 22" - 3.1x to 65x magnification
  • 16 settable text/background colors
  • Adjustable height, tilt, and swivel
  • Advanced Features panel available
Synergy 19" LCD    $2,695 plus $80 shipping
Synergy 22" LCD    $2,995 plus $80 shipping

Synergy's easy to use, intuitive controls are conveniently located right under the display screen.  With one press of a button, you can quickly change from showing the image in full color to viewing text in an enhanced contrast mode.  Choose B/W or Reverse (white letters on a black background), or set the image to any of 16 text/background color selections to accommodate contrast sensitive vision.  Use the precise zoom control to adjust the magnification in predefined steps to the level that best suits your visual needs.  Or, choose the Advanced Control Panel (optional) that gives you the added features of a page locator light, line markers and window blinds, and PC screen sharing.

Synergy has been optimized to display a high quality image irrespective of the material being viewed.  Whether reading a magazine, looking at a color picture, checking the ingredients on a can of soup, or signing a check, Synergy provides a superior image.  The 22" LCD wide-screen display provides extra brightness without distortion.  To best meet your viewing needs, the LCD screen can be easily adjusted up and down, tilt forward or back, and swivel left and right. 

Synergy has been designed to complement your living or working environment.  The colors of the monitor and camera modules have been chosen to blend into the surroundings.  Its small footprint ensures that Synergy requires only minimum amount of desktop or tabletop space.

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