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iDEX TV/VGA picture with camera and dolphin and woman swimmer displayed on LCD monitor

$1,495 plus $25 shipping

    • 3x - 30x on 20" monitor
    • Foldable and compact... only 2 lbs.
    • Desktop-style document reading 
    • Desktop-style writing
    • Distance viewing
    • Self (mirror) view
    • Sony auto focus camera
    • Unique page rotation feature
    • Handy wired remote control
    • Connects to TV and VGA monitor

Students, professionals, and in-home users all appreciate iDEX's contemporary design. The iDEX TV/VGA is a magnification camera specially designed for simplicity. This portable camera features the high quality video of a Sony Auto Focus camera.

Read and write desktop-style. iDEX magnifies from 3x - 30x on a 20" TV or VGA monitor .... and even higher magnification on a larger size monitor. iDEX features both TV and VGA monitor compatibility. Choose the screen size that best meets your visual needs, whether it is a 20" or 32" LCD TV monitor (connect into the yellow-rimmed RCA video input port), or a 22" or 24" LCD wide-screen VGA monitor (connect into the standard 15-pin VGA port). When connected to a VGA monitor, iDEX also features enhanced text/background color choices like yellow-on-black, green-on-black, yellow-on-blue, and several more alternative contrast displays.

iDEX features distance magnification viewing as well. Simply flip the iDEX camera forward and swivel its flexible arm to view forward, side-to-side, or around a room or even out a window. Or, flip the camera back toward you for a mirror image (view your own face). No other portable camera offers the flexibility of iDEX.

Set the display features via the wired handheld remote control, including continuous zoom magnification up or down, change the text and background color, or adjust the brightness and contrast level.

iDEX is portable, foldable, and lightweight (less than 2 pounds), making it the most compact desktop-style magnification camera on the market. It packs into an attractive hand or shoulderstrap carrying case. Assemble or disassemble iDEX in just two minutes. Take iDEX with you from classroom-to-classroom, office to meeting room, downstairs to upstairs at home, on a business trip, or a vacation.  

iDEX camera, iDEX camera folded, iDEX components

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