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Used Products Price List
Eclipse image
Effective: April 2008


Product Price Shipping
QuickLook, 4" LCD portable magnifier $  400 $20
6x magnification, Color, B/W, or Reverse Image    
Prisma Camera (TV monitor compatible model)$  795 $25
Prisma Camera (PC-compatible model) $  995 $30
Eclipse, 15" color LCD desktop CCTV $1,795 $20
Fusion, 7" color LCD portable video magnifier$1,695 $25
Prisma Camera (TV monitor compatible model) $1,695 $25
Prisma Camera (PC-compatible model) $1,195 $30
Liberty Color, 7" color LCD portable video magnifier $1,295 $25
Liberty Solo, 12"  LCD portable magnifier $1,995 $30
Warranty - Most products are still covered by a  6-month or 1-year parts and labor warranty.    
The products were previously used at our corporate showroom, demonstration models
at low vision clinics, convention exhibits, and
our corporate showroom.
Limited supply.  Call for availability
Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
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