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Prisma hooked up to LCD TV
Used Prisma Camera (TV monitor compatible model)
Price $895 plus $20 shipping
Used Prisma Camera (PC-compatible model)
Price $995 plus $30 shipping
  • 4x -30x magnification on a 14" monitor
  • 4x - 45x magnification on a 20" monitor
  • Read and write desktop style
  • Eye level low profile display
  • Canvas case included
  • Weighs less than 3 lbs.

Prisma is the most value-priced reading and writing magnification camera available.  Magnify from 3x - 30x on a 14" monitor or from 4x - 45x on a 20" monitor. Or, magnify even more on a large screen monitor.  So, choose your own monitor size or monitor type.  It is compatible with the new LCD flat-panel type monitors or with the traditional CRT ) picture tube) type monitors.  Prisma displays amazing image quality for such a low-cost model.  Simply turn the Focus knob to fine tune the focus.  And, Prisma was the first video magnification camera to feature anti-glare, non-reflective white LED lighting for viewing comfort, and you'll never have to change a lightbulb.  

Customers may set Prisma on for use on any desk or tabletop.  Or, Prisma is easily packed and carried to another monitor location in the house, on the school campus, from home-to-school or from home-to-office.  Prisma collapses to a mere 2 1/2" in height, weighs less than 3 lbs., and fits into its canvas carry case for easy transport between monitor locations.  

If you, a family member or friend have Macular
Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma,
Cataracts, or other low vision condition, and often
struggle with a handheld or stand   magnifier, reading
and writing may be more comfortable and effective
with Prisma. 

Brilliant Color Magnification
Appreciate family and vacation photographs
Browse cookbooks and gardening magazines 
Enjoy greeting cards and shop through catalogs
View stamp collections, and other hobbies

Read with Ease 
Read personal mail in privacy
Browse the newspaper, even the Stock or Sports section
View the TV Guide program listings
Read instructions on prescription bottles
Preview ingredients and cooking instructions on food items

Write with Ease
Sign checks and balance the checkbook
Write greeting cards and address envelopes 
Write up a shopping list or things-to-do list

Prisma images
TV monitor compatibility
The TV monitor should have a RCA Composite Video-In connector (the international symbol is a yellow-rimmed connector on the back or side of the monitor).  The TV monitor should also feature a Video mode (sometimes referred to as Input or Line) that is selectable from the remote control (sometimes from the TV panel as well).

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