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         Innovative Portable                   Video Magnifiers
Portable Video Magnifiers
Specialists in portable video magnifiers. a wide selection of portable choices. Choose among our innovative portable video magnifiers, let us help you choose the most appropriate portable model for you..

What is a portable video magnifier?  Portable models fall into several categories.  The right portable unit depends on the users visual accommodation and mobile tasks. 

Portability is a combination of size, weight, viewing area (screen size), magnification range, battery operation or wireless use, connectivity to monitors, and other specifications important to each individual user.

 LCD flat-panel screen technology has allowed portable video magnifiers to offer integrated camera and monitor designs.  Portable models fall into a variety of screen sizes.

 Portable video magnifiers are often battery-operated models.  Some designs integrate the camera and monitor together into a single unit, while other designs allow the camera and monitor to be connected while still offering portability. 

 Other portable video magnifiers feature a magnification camera that is portable between monitor locations.  These portable cameras are connectable to a TV monitor or computer monitor (with or without the computer as part of the set up).  A portable camera can be connected to an external monitor of any size whether 14", 19", 27", 32" or even larger.  The most common monitor sizes for low vision is either a 15" 17" screen or a 19" 22" screen.